Why didn't the cost of international shipping show up during the check out process?
The cost of international shipping is calculated after the order is placed. Due to frequent price fluctuations in shipping costs, we prefer to consult the customer directly after the order is placed and quote them the exact up to date amount. We will contact you via email with your grand total, including shipping, once your order is processed.

Why doesn't the advertised discount show up during the check out process?
Every month our advertised discounts and promotions change. We apply all current eligible discounts and specials to your order, after the order has been placed. If there is ever a discrepancy we will contact you before we charge you for you order.

How does the 'buy 1 get 1 free' promotion apply to the order I'm placing through the shopping cart?
You will want to order the amount of product you expect to pay for. We will apply the 'buy 1 get 1 free' promotion to your order, after your order has been placed. Please note that if you placed an order for 1 bottle of M-Water, you will actually receive 2 bottles of M-Water after we apply the promotion.